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Realtime stock app for finding new US Stock highs/lows, StockTwits, and tracking with alerts
Every trader on the planet loves to jump on a hot stock when it's on fire, but the problem for most traders is finding which few stocks have huge momentum RIGHT THIS SECOND. Sure, you could set up a basic stock watchlist in your trading platform and stare at it nonstop all day, but that's useless for being alerted to the ultra-fast movers of the day that aren't on your list. MOMO is a specialized scanning tool built for this precise need!

MOMOweb Exclusive Features

MOMO is a realtime momentum streaming platform that works right inside your browser. Just set up some general filters like industries, average volume and price to adjust your focus and you'll be alerted instantly to stocks making intraday highs and lows of the day along with 52-week breakout superstars. Full pre-market and after-hours support is available across many exchanges, so the last thing you need to worry about is being shut out from all the after-hours action like most casual traders and investors struggle with.


Part watch-list, part quote tool. Sticky Quotes provide the flexibility of easily getting quotes on new stocks without the hassle of editing a watch-list.



As the name implies, Popular highlights stocks with the most user engagement and help you uncover stocks which have surging interest among MOMO users.



Make adjustments for desired industries, average volume, and price to focus on stocks of greatest interest.



Along with desktop notifications, you can now see alerts you may have missed with Alert History. This is a necessary feature for desktop notifications given their fleeting visibility is easy to miss.


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MOMO is designed to be a low friction experience. Choose the plan which works best for you. Undecided? No problem, we have a 3-day free trial to help you figure it out.

Just remember… While we believe timing and knowledge are critical for successful trades and engineered MOMO to deliver, we cannot guarantee your profits.

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