Core Values

We designed and built MOMO with a unique vision and set of principles. We ask everyone thinking of working with us in any capacity — whether a customer, employee, or partner to read our core values and only join the journey if you find yourself nodding along.


Foster a close-knit, family-like group.

The basic premise of Mometic is to align a group of like-minded traders who believe in the approach and vision, know and trust each other, and have good intentions.

We aspire to have a long-term bond with our customers and partners lasting for years and beyond. Mometic fully intends to support the relations and operation of everything to make this happen over the company's lifetime. Everyone acts professionally and in a way in which they would want to be treated. There is no facility for any one outside of Mometic to view, change, or otherwise manage MOMO on a user's behalf. Users are provided with various ways to share ideas and impact the direction of Mometic and MOMO. We pledge to treat people using MOMO with dignity and respect, and encourage everyone to promote these values. We celebrate everyone and do not believe in treating people as an anonymous mass or a resource to be harvested.


We are responsible to the customer.

MOMO is a paid product and the people using it are paying customers. The MOMO team is fully accountable to these customers and aim to build the product and business in a way that encourages our customers to stay with us. We will engage with our community to decide on the future direction and enhancements, coupled with our own vision. We believe we have done an amazing job over the past few years and believe the testimonials and feedback reflect a similar sentiment.

No advertising or data harvesting.

MOMO treats everyone’s data as a responsibility and a liability, not an asset. We do not have access to your data (with exception of limited account and settings data). We will not sell or resell our users or their data. We do not make any specific statements about exact future business plans but we pledge to never use advertising as the primary means to fund our business.

No growth hacking.

Mometic will not engage in aggressive growth hacking tactics that go against our values. Our focus is not on acquiring the largest customer base in the shortest amount of time, but rather on building high-quality, long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Minimal footprint.

We designed and built MOMO without external funding, using contemporary and lean principles to minimize ongoing operating costs. Our main cost is the time invested in designing and maintaining the product. We have minimal operating costs for other aspects of our work. Most of the heavy lifting is done on Amazon AWS, and we have options to reduce costs there as well.


Limit third-party code.

As a general policy, we use only open APIs and frameworks. We may make exceptions, but we recognise that any third-party code in our product is a maintenance liability, so we mostly intend to avoid it.

Write boring code.

We want our code to be boring; that is, understandable and maintainable to ourselves and anybody else we may bring along the journey. We steer clear of brittle hacks and obscure languages. We don’t need to impress anybody with our smartness.

Tested and testable.

We aim for our code to be well-testable and covered by automated test and build scripts. We architect our code and systems in a way that affords maximum testability and always aim to maximize test coverage on all layers.

Skate where the puck is going.

We aim to continuously embrace technology and design innovation from across and within the financial market. This may mean implementing novel design patterns or dropping support of dated technology. In doing so we need to be pragmatic in balancing short-term needs with longer-term vision.


True to platform; unapologetically our own.

MOMO is built to be clean and intuitive where less is usually “more”, so we (and you) can focus on the task at hand.

Celebrate cross-device capability.

We are professionals who spend a large part of their working and leisure hours across all devices. Frustration with the sorry state of stock scanning tools was a large part of what motivated us to build MOMO Pro. Desktop and mobile needs will always be key design considerations for MOMO Pro and we will push the state of the art to always be a step ahead of the other guys.

Embrace craftsmanship.

We are craftspeople and work hard to provide a high degree of polish to our work. Building Mometic brings us considerable satisfaction and pride. Our aim is to use proven tools and methods, be proud of what we make, and treat MOMO as a reflection as to how software is meant to be built - by smart and passionate people. Part showcase, part expression, and part business.

Do less, but better.

We won’t have a massive laundry list of features and functions. We aim to do basic things relative to momentum, do them well, and iterate to continuously improve over the long run.

Build nuanced functionality.

We aim to develop purposeful, straightforward functionality while offering “Aha" moments to those striving to fully realize its capabilities. Meaning you, as a user, did a bit of thinking to switch lightbulbs on and uncover the richer purposefulness that lies beneath the surface.